Subtle Fall Makeup

Makeup Geek Shadows in

Urban Decay Foxy on the lid, Mac Naked pigment over that. Then a touch of Rose Gold pigment where the shadows get darker.


Halloween Makeup
It’s Alive!


Photo Set

Pin Up Series: Brigitte Bardot. Featuring my best friend Faith!


Fall Matte Eye with Pop of Shimmer.

Using Makeup Geek shadows in Peach Smoothie, Chickadee, Bitten, Mocha, and Corrupt. With After Glow pigment in the inner corner.


Halloween Makeup. Positively Batty!


Purple Grey Smokey Eye.

Also a little note about building colors to get the correct undertone and shade for the eye look.

Using morphe eyeshadows. This eye look was built up to get the color depth that it has. I started in the outer part of the eye and slightly into the crease with a mauvey fuchsia and then on to a dark muted purple on top of that I added shimmery plum and then in the very outer part I used black. You can’t see the black because everything around it is so glowy it just looks like a really deep plum. The rest of the lid has some color from the shadows I laid down first because nothin about a smokey eye is very defined so though I didn’t focus color there first as I blended it had color on it which a was completely fine. The color on the actual lid is a grey purple. Very shimmery and definitely has more purple than grey but you can see both of them. The crease has Peach Smoothie in it as transition then I blended really really well before adding Mango Tango cause I didn’t want the dark color to blow too far out. The Mango Tango just brings out that fuchsia I started with. It also just accentuates the purple instead of seeing really dark almost black purples. It helps it look more plum. Transition colors aren’t meant to be noticed they should help bring out undertones of the whole look as well as blending into the brow highlights.

This by far is a favorite look that I’ve done.


Halloween Makeup 🎃👻


J Lo Inspired Makeup

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie and Mango Tango. Loreal Amber Rush and Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Rose Gold Pigment.

Yes it’s a lot of products but I built the color up to be extra glowy and blown out. I’m not where near as tan obviously but the eye look was just so pretty.

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Product of the Week

This week my stand out product is Sephora Collection lip stain in 07 Dark Berry. I actually seen Samantha from Batalash talking about it and I love dark vampy lips so I went and checked it out myself. This is very beautiful and wears well throughout the day. It’s not your typical berry though because it almost looks dark brown in some ways and most berry colors have a burgundy base which make them have more red casts in them. This is not like that what so ever it’s a deep cool eggplant berry super dark and freaking awesome.

Have a great week!

Photo Set

Fall Blushes

Starting from the top

MAC Tenderling: this is a light rosy tan blush that is very sculpting which I like because sometimes it’s hard to wear lots of bronzer in the fall. So this is perfect for giving color to the cheeks as well as sculpting them

Hourglass Luminous Flush: this is actually a light mauve plum in my opinion. It looks a lot darker in the pan but it’s actually really wearable and universal.

The Balm Frat Boy: this blush is really pigmented and most of the time a go to color for me when nothing else works. It’s a neutral pink probably a little on the cooler side of the spectrum. It also blends and applies really nice as well.

Makeup Geek Spellbound: this is also I think a neutral pink. It’s a really pretty blush by itself but in the summer it works well with coupled with other colors. I find when you’re paler it’s glowy in the sense it makes you look healthy and not like you’re wearing blush.

The first picture it’s top left Tenderling, top right Luminous Flush, bottom left Frat Boy, bottom right Spellbound.

Same goes for the 2nd picture top-bottom Tenderling, Luminous Flush, Frat Boy, Spellbound