New set of pigments will be here this week from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. Will do a first impressions when they arrive. Soooo excited.



This is the absolute best facial cleanser ever!!! Your makeup melts right off and rids your face of all those impurities that we don’t appreciate! ;)) ;))


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DIY Headbands

danidelverse you inspired me so I made some myself out of an old t-shirt I had!

Go check out danidelverse blog to learn how to make these super fun headbands.



How To Make A Braided Hippie Headband!!

To make a braided hippie headband, you will need:

  • Fabric or leather thong or ribbon or other material of your choice
  • Safety pin or heavy-duty clip
  • Needle and thread
  1. Begin by deciding what material to use. The choices are endless when considering what to make your braided headband from. Think about when you’ll wear it, if you need it to be washable, and other factors when deciding on what materials to use.
  2. Cut three strips of materials. To braid a hippie headband, you’ll need three strips of fabric, leather, or whatever other materials you decide to use. It’s possible to mix and match fabric and ribbon, for example. Cut each of the three strips 4 feet long to ensure the braided headband is long enough in case you want to include a “tail” to stream down the side or back when it is on your head. If you don’t want a “tail,” use less materials, such as 3 feet for each strip.
  3. Clip the ends. Use a safety pin or a heavy duty clip to secure the ends of the three strips together before you begin braiding. This will keep the end from unraveling as you braid the headband.
  4. Braid the headband. Grasp the strip on the right and cross over the middle strip. Grasp the strip on the left and cross it over the middle strip. Take the strip on the right and cross it over the middle strip, and continue this braiding technique until you have a headband the size needed for your head.
  5. Tack the ends together. Use needle and thread to tack the two sides of the braided hippie headband together. Leave a tail of loose leather or other material to trail down or trim it before sewing the ends together.


Make a braided hippie headband to look cool, groovy, and far out. Hippie headbands are great fashion accessories that both men and women can wear. When you make your own braided hippie headband, you can make the style all your own whether you start with a tie-dye fabric, supple brown leather, or any other material you can think!!! Add beads if you want!

Let me know if any of you ladies try this one out!

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What you need:
-Tulip’s One-Step Tie-Dye Kit. (This kit is amaze because it includes everything you need for a tie-dye project: Rubber bands, gloves, plastic wrap, and tie-dye supplies)
-Cotton t-shirt (I used white but you could use any light colored shirt you have laying around)
-Sewing machine for putting the headbands together

Once you have chosen your pattern, fold and bundle accordingly, apply tie-dye according to package directions, and wrap in plastic wrap to keep moist. Since I used the Tulip kit this was a piece of cake. All you do is fill the squeeze bottle with water and squeeze it on the fabric, so basically, if you can use a sink you can be a tie-dye artist. I plan to add that title to my resume after I hit publish on this post. Skillz.

Next you let set. For the most vibrant colors allow to set for 6-8 hours. If you want to produce more pastel colors only let set for 30 minutes or so. Once the dye is set to your desired intensity, unwrap, remove rubber bands, rinse off the remaining dye, and toss t-shirt(s) alone in a hot washer with minimal soap. Dry normally and you’re done!
—If you can braid, you can make this headband! Cut your fabric into nine 1/2-inch strips, long enough to wrap around your head. Create three braids. Connect the ends of each braid individually by own running them through your sewing machine. Once each braid is connect separately, line up each braid and run through the sewing machine again, attaching them to each other. You’re done! 

—All credit goes to The Pretty Life Anonymous blog!!!

Check her out kiddies.

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Product of the Week!

This week my product that I’ve not put down is Tulip Blush Duo by BH Cosmetics. Yesterday I did a full review on it and the rest of the stuff I got. It’s also been in every look I’ve posted this week with the exclusion of today. I am obsessed. Their sale is still going on till midnight tonight!


How I Highlight and Contour.

I love contouring and highlighting it’s one of my favorite techniques to learn.

So first I’ll tell you how I highlight. I use cream products for the most part. In the second picture is all the areas I highlight, I use a yellow based concealer for most of it. Under the eyes I use MAC Pro Longwear concealer mixed with a yellow corrector shade. I want to add that I have to use a salmon colored corrector first before I put on my foundation because I have such dark circles. I use a tapered kabuki brush to blend in all the highlighted areas and I set the under eye part right after I’m done. Today I used Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light which is a pale yellow powder.

Next I contour and today I used Rimmel Sunshimmer In Sun Love. I would’ve used the Anastasia Contour Kit but I wanted to make sure the products were accessible to everyone. I used the MAC 163 Flat Contouring brush in this because it was more dramatic and easier to see the edges. You can use any brush that you like, small domed brushes are great, angled brushes, tapered brushes, whatever you want. I go from the top of the ear diagonally to the corner of the lip stopping about about mid ways or slightly less. I contour all the areas that will get the most sun so top of the forehead, neck, so on. I contour the eye socket to give me more of a crease. I contour the nose around the roundest part not entirely all the way up. Just the parts that I want to appear slender. So the roundness in the tip and slightly up the middle. I contour in the corner of the eye socket at the top of the bridge so that it’ll bring the bridge slightly in.

Then I just blend out with either the same brush or another dense brush. I like cream contours as well but they can get messy and you can look a little cakey if you get too carried away or use too much. I used powder contour just because it’s more likely you’d have something that you could use to contour with in powder form. I also like to use powder highlighters when I’m done all though today I didn’t because I used a cream iridescent one from Guerlain but I like them as well. Your contour should look like a shadow on the face and not extremely noticeable against your blush. Of course there is a color difference but the line should be blended away. I hope this was helpful. This is just my technique and what I like for my face shape but some people may not need as much or some may need to focus on other areas.

Have a great day!



I’m hitting you guys with a lot of products here lately. Apologies if it’s not your thing. I also can’t sleep so thus I play in my makeup cave.

Alrighty let’s jump in shall we? This week if you pay attention to my blog you would’ve seen that I had recently received my BH Cosmetics shipment. I was probably most excited about this and a skincare set I’d ordered from Sephora out of everything. Mainly because it was SUCH a good deal! So what I ordered was The Eyes on the 60’s Palette, 2 Creme Luxe Lipsticks, and a Blush Duo.

First let’s get into the palette. It’s 30 eyeshadow with some matte, some satin, and some shimmer. There’s also a healthy range of colors ranging from yellows to orange and browns, and pinks, purples, blues and greens. They’re slightly chalky I won’t lie and I think that you get the best pay off when applying them wet. You can apply them dry that’s fine but I’d recommend a cream base that is in the same color family as the shadow you’re using. If you’re curious I use contact solution to wet my brush but setting spray is ok as well. I was really really hoping that the transfer would be a tad better but it’s not bad you just may need to work with it a little longer to build up to the vibrant color you want. The colors are very pretty I’ve done several looks so far and I’m very pleased it was only $8 I believe. So I would repurchase from them again I think Ill get the Galaxy Chic Baked Palette next.

Next up is the lipsticks. The whole reason I was on the site was for the lipsticks after watching Jaclyn Hills favorites where she talked about one. They were on sale too for $4 and that’s such a steal for good lipsticks. I decided to get two colors that I didn’t have really with the idea that I’d purchase more if I was impressed. Well looks like I’m buying more. I got Naked Peach and Coral Escape. I really didn’t have an actual lipstick in either color. I had lip glosses and creams but not an actual lip stick. I don’t like the way the lipstick itself is shaped but I like the packaging and the fact that you can tell clearly from the bottom part which one you have. The pay off is great, the transfer is great, it’s creamy, it’s easy to work with, I could go on and on. So scoop those up if you’re interested.

Lastly, is the blush duo in Tulip. Oh my gosh guys I couldn’t explain my obsession with this to you guys even if I tried. The only down side it that when you swatch it, it feels rough unlike other blushes that are soft and smooth. Aside from that I’m in love with this blush! I’ve wore it everyday since I got it. It was $3, yes $3, and it’s by far my favorite product of theirs thus far. It’s a vibrant peach that’s brighter than Peaches by MAC I would say and the shimmer side is like a copper bronze. This blush is so pigmented that I have to use a super fluffy not as dense blush brush and when applied it takes on a darker peach especially if you’ve contoured and what not. I’m in love with it for that reason though. I had no dark blushes really everything I had was super glowy and just warmed up the skin. This is in your face color but I love that because done right and used with bronzer on the face so you look like you’ve got a tan, it is the most beautiful summer look I’ve ever seen because you look so sun kissed and so glowy cause you have a deep color coming from your cheeks. If you get too much going on which can happen just buff it with a powder brush preferably a clean one. I’m in love with that blush. IN LOVE.

Have a good day and if you check them out they’re big sale is ending tonight (June 19th) at midnight. Happy shopping!


Josie Maran Black Oil Mascara.

This is basically first thoughts on this cause I’ve only wore for a couple days.

This mascara is a very soft mascara I think. Meaning that there isn’t lots of product that’s hanging off the brush it’s just right. This mascara doesn’t really wow me but at the same time it’s very good. I’m a die hard Loreal Carbon Black Voluminous fan and I don’t think this gives the dramatic affect that other mascaras do. Although, what I love about it is that you can build and build and not get very much clumping at all. The down side is I think you have to put on several coats and work a long time to really get your lashes where you want them but when you do they’ve very pretty and not clumped together and spidery. (If spidery isn’t the look you want that is) I’d also like to throw in that my lashes are not long and not super thick but they do have curl to them so I rarely have to curl them. My friend on the other hand has long lashes (lucky) and they’re fairly thick so with the extra weight she does have to curl hers so she said that when she used this mascara her lashes would not hold curl whatsoever. So keep that in mind. Right now there is a promo code for Sephora Beauty Insiders for a free sample size of this mascara (it’s under the mobile offers) so you can check it out if your going to order $25 worth of stuff. That way if you don’t like it you didn’t lose any money. I do think this is a good mascara over all and I’ll continue to use it. Have a great day!

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An In Depth, Step by Step, Guide on Full Lips by Over Lining.

This is going to be long so pop you some popcorn and cuddle up.

Ok here’s the list of products I used:
Nivea Vitamin Swirl Lip Balm (smells amazing)
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Natural
BH Cosmetics Luxe Lipstick in Coral Escape
Benefit Lemon Aid corrector/primer
MAC Peaches blush
OCC lip brush
Sigma f70 concealer brush
Tapered Kabuki Brush (or foundation brush you used that day)

Alright what I’m hoping to get across in this is: A) show you how I over line my lips and B) show you how to go from shiny lips to soft matte lips.

First off, what I do in the beginning is moisturize the lips. I use Nivea Vitamin Swirl it’s really creamy but not waxy and doesn’t make your lipstick slide off your face. So in doing that it’s going to make the lips liner easier to move.

Next, I take my tapered kabuki brush, that I blend out my concealer with, and pat it on my lips to take away some on the natural color and give the lipstick something to grab on to.

Then, I sometimes apply another coat of lip balm, but you don’t have to, and I just line my lips with my lip liner. If you don’t have a similar lip liner a nude one will work cause we’re going to go over it with the lipstick. I explained in another post the way I do mine based on the shape so whatever your comfortable with is how you should do yours.

Next, I apply the lipstick to the TRUE lip shape. Not into the lip liner. So you should be rocking some 90’s at this moment if the lip liner didn’t match.

After, that I take a lip brush that’s super flat and thin for precision and extend the color on the lips onto the liner. The reason I do it this way is it’ll look a lot cleaner and the color won’t slide onto the skin around the lips.

Then, I take the Lemon Aid yellow primer and a concealer brush and go around the outside of the lips. I do this to cancel out any redness that may look like color had gotten on the skin and also to look cleaner.

Next, I take my kabuki brush and blend that out.

Lastly, I take a matte blush that is similar to the color I’m wearing (you can use regular face powder too that’s fine), and pat it from the center of the lip and out. I used a blush because it makes my color more vibrant slightly where sometimes face powder can make it dull if you use too much.

So I know that’s a lot of steps feel free to tweak it to fit your style and tastes. That’s the beauty of makeup everything can be modified or the rules can be broken to adjust any look. I hope this was helpful!